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Your Guide to 'The Best Restaurants with a Party Room'

Appetito Ristorante

Appetito is a beautifully appointed, contemporary restaurant with interesting interior architecture.

Appetito Restironte has wonderfully delicious Northern Italian specialty menu items, and remarkably large portions. Food is as plentiful as the restaurant is spacious.

When you first enter the restaurant, you are in a large, open room with two story high ceilings. Tables are covered with white tablecoths and glasses are sparkling. Green bottles of Pellegrini top each table highlighting the scene as if they were floral arrangements. Walls are brick. Floors are highly polished hardwood. This dramatic setting is accentuated by large framed poster art creating a very attractive, clean, and lively atmosphere. Appetito is appetizing, spotlessly clean, and uncluttered.

At the rear of this main dining room, a stairway leads to an open balcony on the second floor. This second floor is actually another large room with a huge skylight filling the room with sunlight. Decor on this floor replicates a garden solarium atmosphere. This room is well suited for parties, receptions, and corporate events.

The interior architecture of Appetito Ristorante is a surprises to any guest. It is impressive for both dining and for special party events. Tables are widely spaced so that conversations are private and table service is unobtrusive.

The waiters at Appetito are experienced, friendly, professional, and helpful. They are uniformed, attentive, and treat guests with great respect.


IL Valentino

For more than 10 years, IL Valentino has consistently been among NY’s best restaurants.

IL Valentino, an elegant and charming Northern Italian restaurant, is just off the lobby of the tony aka residence hotel / apartment complex. Exquisite antique woodwork surrounds the intimate stone-tiled bar and dining room. Terra-cotta tiles flow throughout the eatery, lending to the classic Italian feel. Once you enter the large dining area, the vibrantly colored antipasti spread catches your attention. On any given night there can be 10-15 different dishes on display calling out your name. It's the restaurant's unique style of food presentation that allows it to stand above many other restaurants.

This is a friendly, warm, and sophisticated New York spot with an experienced European staff who are accustomed to serving UN diplomats, professional people, and an occassional TV or movie star. Mirso Lekic's restaurant tastefuly caters to a successful crowd. Tables are spacious and private, with table cloths and comfortable chairs, often set up for families to enjoy an evening celebration, or a group of good friends getting together for fun and conversation. The menu will satisfy anyone looking for creative or traditional Italian food. Portions are generous and you'll get what you expect of a top New York restaurant. The magic of IL Valentino is its warm ambience where you can enjoy the person you are dining with and the subtle elements of quality that will surround you, like the gallery art. You will also enjoy singer-pianist, Barrett Taylor, who performs in the intimate front bar on Wednesday - Saturday from 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM. Overall, it has the atmosphere and restaurant experience that isn't easy to find in NYC. If you want to dine in IL Valentino's small intimate bar, reserve early.

Frankie & Johnnie's Steakhouse

In the heart of the Theatre District just off Eighth Avenue on 45th Street, the restaurant is a celebrated broadway fixture.

A New York institution, Frankie and Johnnie's Steakhouse is the longest running show on broadway (as well as one of the cities oldest continual dining establishments) having first opened as a speakeasy in 1926. Over 75 years later, Frankie and Johnnie's Steakhous maintains its intimate hideaway aura and archetypal old New York patina as a classic steakhouse where generous portions of forthright food and excellent service are always the order of the day.

A remaining example of the classic New York restaurants that defined "class" for generations, it is a refreshing oasis on the New York restaurant landscape from the large, laud, high tech eateries opening today. There is a comforting authenticity in that famous stairwell, the red-shaded chandeliers, red and white draped tables, windows overlooking the Theatre District street-landscape, and autographed celebrity photographs - a room, a mood, a moment from a more romantic era frozen in time.

T-Bone SteakFrankie & Johnnie's Steakhouse uses the dry aged method of steak preparation serving only USDA prime choice cuts of dry-aged beef.

Frankie & Johnnie's exacting approach of beef preparation is addressed by precise definitions of cooking terms on the menu. For instance "rare" is "very red, cool center", while "medium" is "red, warm center" and "well" is "broiled throughout, not pink". The perfect steak dinner served before or after a great play will complete a memorable night out on this great town.


Frankie & Johnnie's opened in 1926 at the height of Prohibition, as a speakeasy. To gain admittance, patrons knocked on the unmarked door and used he password "Frankie" when a small peephole was opened. If it was business as usual, a confirmation reply of "Johnnie" was heard and admittance was granted. Hence, the Frankie and Johnnie's moniker which became synonymous with good food and drink in a welcoming, unpretentious setting, was born. The speakeasy became a steakhouse when prohibition was lifted and remained a favorite haunt of stars of stage, screen and society whose photos bearing autographed odes to the steakhouse adorn the walls.

With two locations in the city and two outside the city, all Frankie & Johnnies Steakhouses have the common bond of tradition, fabulous food, and their historic buildings.

Chez Josephine

A pioneer in the revival of 42nd Street since 1986, Chez Josephine is a bubbly return to the joie-de-vivre of Paris of the 1930s - le Jazz Hot with soul.

A tribute to Josphine Baker, the restaurant and its live music exude theatrical panache. This landmark jewel is inviting and romantic with its blue-tin ceiling, red velvet walls, and cavalcade of chanJean-Claudedeliers which light up the vintage portraits of La Baker. The eclectic menu reinvents the traditional cuisine of the French bistro in an exposion of tantalizing flavors.

Ideally located in the heart of the theatre district, Chez Jospehine is a magnet for pre-theatre dining. At anytime, including holidays, you can experience what owner and host Jean-Claude Baker calls his "cocktail of human beings", a medley of celebrities, local color, and a loyal and devoted following from all over the world.

The kitchen remains open until 1:00AM making this spot the unforgettable end to an evening on the town. A warm welcome from Jean-Claude and his brother, Jarry Baker, and a dedicated staff is guaranteed.

About Josephine Baker

The lovely Josephine Baker, "the most successful mJosephine Bakerusic performer ever to take the stage" (Ebony Magazine), is subject of a number of books and recent films. Josephine Baker was larger than life. She was the toast of Paris in the 1920's, star of stage and screen in the late 1930's, Red Cross volunteer and undercover agent in WWII, participant in the 1963 Civil Rights Movement march on Washington, and star of several farewell (and comeback tours). Baker adopted 12 children of different races and called them her "rainbow tribe". Jean-Claude, "the thirteeth of her adopted children" Source: Library Journal

The Press Box

We specialize in private parties, the Press Room accommodates 100 people for a cocktail party, 75 for a seated event. We also cater smaller groups. We have excellent coverage of sporting events with our state-of-the-art plasma TV’s and projection screens on 2 floors. Our private party room is available for sports events. Please call 212-317-1826 for more information.Private Room at The Press Box

The Press Box is a midtown Irish Pub / Bar & Restaurant located on 2nd Avenue between 49th & 50th Streets.

We offer a casual yet comfortable setting with hand crafted mahogany woodwork, exposed brickwork and a glass frontage opening on to the avenue.

Our lunch menu is available weekdays from 11.30am thru’ 4pm and features our already famous $10 lunch special. Our dinner menu kicks in at 4pm thru’ 12am daily (11pm Sundays & Mondays) and includes a 3 course Prix Fixe Menu for $19.95 – the best deal in midtown Manhattan!

Brunch is served Saturday & Sunday, check out our Traditional Irish Breakfast!

Riverview Restaurant & Lounge

Riverview Restaurant has recently been rated by Crain’s Magazine with a 3 Star Rating. Serving Modern American Cuisine, they will make your dining experience memorable not to mention the spectacular views of the New York skyline.

Whether your next lunch meeting of 4 people or function for 250 people, we strive to accommodate your every need.

Riverview's Private dining room located in the back of Riverview can accommodate up to 40 people for a seated event or 50 people for a Buffet style event. Their Main Dining Room accommodates up to 150 people for a seated occasion or up to 300 people for a buffet or passed hors d’oeuvres. Our front lounge has the capacity for up to 100 people.

Located directly behind the Pepsi Cola sign, in the Avalon complex, Riverview offers complimentary valet parking. They are just minutes away from the Midtown Tunnel and the 59th Street Bridge. Just minutes from the 34th Street Water Taxi to Hunters Point, as well as Subway Train 7 to
Vernon / Jackson, one stop east of Grand Central Station.

Russian Samovar

Russian Samovar offers an entire upstairs floor, elegantly appointed, for private parties and and receptions.

Owned and managed by Roman Kaplan, the "Samovar" was co-founded in 1986 by poet Joseph Brodsky and ballet dancer, actor and director Mikhail Baryshnikov. The "Samovar" is among the most important Russian-American cultural landmarks of New York. It is the meeting place for Russian intellectuals, bohemians, artists, celebrities and people from all walks of life. The restaurant features nightly live music, traditional Russian cuisine and an assortment of house made vodkas.

Expect equal amounts Russian expats and theater-types at this authentic Russian joint rumored to have once been a Rat Pack hangout. Offering a solid menu of Russian dishes like basturma and borscht, live music and over 14 potent flavored and infused vodkas (including dill, horseradish, pear, ginger, caraway seed and kiwi.) Keep an eye out for a lurking Mikhail Baryshnikov, as he’s part owner.


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