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Jo-Jo China Bistro

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Cuisine Type
Type of Food
Address: 7800 A Rea Road
City: Charlotte
State: NC
Telephone: 704-541-6488 Coupon Link Coupon Offer
Full Description: Jo Jo China Bistro, located in Stonecrest shopping center, is an upscale full service restaurant that features a blend of traditional Chinese cuisine.In a contemporary bistro setting, Jo Jo offers specialty appetizers, desserts, and unique entrees such as Jo Jo Chicken, Amazing Shrimp, Steamed Sea Bass in Hong Kong style, and Salmon in Ginger Sauce. The traditional cuisine is complemented by a full service bar offering an extensive selection of wines, specialty drinks, and Asian beer.For those of you who are on the go, we also offer Jo Jo To Go! Our take out menu is available upon request!During warm weather months, take advantage of our patio overlooking the water fountain. Charlotte, NC

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Neighborhood Profile

Listed by: Restaurant Manager
Phone: 212-692-0704

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