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Address: 27741 Crown Valley Parkway, Suite 325
City: Mission Viejo
State: CA
Telephone: 949-282-0182 Coupon Link Coupon Offer
Full Description: Rockin' Restaurants Inc was born in December of 1996 with a very distinct vision of what lies ahead. Our goal was to create entertainment themed restaurants that would defy age and culinary demographics and focus on extremely fun & lively environments for our guests to enjoy our adventurous cuisines. Dan Lauriano is the President and CEO of Rockin' Restaurants Inc. The native Californian has been running night clubs and restaurants since 1991. His education in this business is somewhat unique. After finishing up at The University of Southern California in 1989, he did what all college educated people do…he started a rock band with some buddies from high school! He ultimately became a professional drummer in a night club band that toured all over the world. The experience of working in and observing the operations of so many successful and unsuccessful businesses all over the map proved to be the best lessons of his professional life. As he transitioned into the restaurant business, one element of his old life would become a recurring theme in all of his visions – entertainment! “It's got to be FUN!”His restaurants have become legendary in Southern California for their high energy ambiances, award winning chefs and amazing cuisines. The first of which was The Rockin' Taco Cantina, located in Fullerton, California, which was opened in 1997 to a volcanic public reception and continues to thrive today. It was the first Dueling Piano Show in California and a ZAGAT rated Mexican Cantina noted for some of the best Mexican food in the area. The next adventure began a block away from the cantina. The year was 2001 and North Orange County was ripe for a sushi and teppanyaki restaurant that truly rocked! CHOMP was opened in the summer of 2002 and has grown into the largest individual sushi restaurant in Southern California.CHOMP has won several culinary awards and boasts “The Best Sushi Chef. Mission Viejo, CA

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Listed by: Restaurant Manager
Phone: 212-692-0704

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