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Your Guide to 'The Best Food Marketplaces in New York City'

FoodCellar & Co. Market

Foodcellar & Co. is an experience in what shopping for dinner should be. Walking into the colorful array of the freshest fruits and vegetables, then to the fish display, pink salmon, beautiful white sea bass, plum scallops and shrimp....healthy and delicious! Next to the meats. Well marbeled steaks, thick
veal and pork chops, or maybe the in-store made sausages.

The bakery is a delight for the eyes, the tastebuds, and the soul. Crusty breads, rolls, and luscious cakes and cookies. Finally, the deli and prepared food. No work....just delicious dinner in an instant.

The key to FoodCellar & Co. Market is that it is committed to foods with natural and organic ingredients.  It is not a chain, and the owners are on premises all of the time, making sure that everything is right for the customer.

Try the Showcase Tour of FoodCellar & Co. Market.


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