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Ponticello Ristorante. A World Class NYC Restaurant

Located in Astoria, this Five Star Diamond Award Winning Restaurant is a favorite.

Ponticello Ristorante is a world class, New York City restaurant.

It was chosen by internationally renowned Trustees and Members of the Academy of Hospitality Sciences to receive its Five Star Diamond Award. This is a very special place.  The restaurant has received accolade after accolade from food critics; and, Proclamation after Proclamation from the NY Senate and the New York Assembly.  It demonstrates a commitment to hospitality in every aspect of its operation. The owners demonstrate their commitment to community service at the same high level.

For more than 30 years, Ponticello Ristorante, on Broadway in Astoria, has consistently been among NYC's very finest quality restaurants....a place where the owners treat their customers like family.

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Ponticello Ristorante. A World Class NYC Restaurant

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Great appeal to young professionals and foodies of all ages who will appreciate the skillfully prepared menu items.

Alobar is that great neighborhood restaurant, the one where you can go back again and again and find something creative and new every time. Where you know there are quality ingredients because every ingredient came from less than two hundred miles away, and you can ask which farm it came from.

ALOBAR Showcase | Menu Items Photo Gallery | View Nearby Area on OurLIC MAPS | Interior Gallery | Lunch Menu | Neighborhood Life |

The Little Paris in Sunnyside

Established with sponsorship from the New York Romanian Voice Television and the Romanian Journal Newspaper, Bucharest Restaurant offers a complete menu of seasonal Romanian and Continental cooking.

This restaurant has become a famous gathering place for a wide variety of people: Romanians, Moldovans, Macedonians, Hungarians, Israelis and all Americans.

Bucharest Restaurant Showcase | Menu Items Photo Gallery | View Nearby Area on OurLIC MAPS | Nightlife Photo Gallery | Interior Gallery | People Gallery | Staff | Chef | Weddings | Neighborhood Life |

Welcome to Sac's Place

Serving classic Italian food in the Abruzzese tradition. Our food is an expression of love and caring and we wish to pass it on to you.

This passion practiced in our Nonna's kitchen in Abruzzo and the same passion practiced in our Mother's kitchen here in America has proudly been passed onto us. This passion is what we proudly bring to our customers at Sac's Place. Cooking for family and for you, our customers, is a constant joy for us. To celebrate and make people happy are the reasons my brother and I opened this Restaurant.Welcome!

Sac's Place Showcase | Menu Items Photo Gallery | View Nearby Area on OurLIC MAPS | Nightlife Photo Gallery | Interior Gallery | Neighborhood Life |

Cuba...Land of Romance! Bringing the romance, flavors, and excitement of Cuba to you.

Madera Cuban Grill and Steakhouse has become a favorite on Vernon Blvd. in Long Island City.

This restaurant is owned and operated by experienced and talented restaurateurs. They have a passion for details of running a restaurant and selecting the absolute best ingredients that make quality menu items.

Madera Cuban Grill & Steakhouse Showcase | Menu Items Photo Gallery | View Nearby Area on OurLIC MAPS | Nightlife Photo Gallery | Interior Gallery | Art Gallery | Pre-Opening | Scrapbook | Flyer | Weddings | Referrals | Neighborhood Life |

A Hand Crafted Restaurant

As LIC folks know, LIC is famous for the iconic Pepsi-Cola sign that you can see from Manhattan. The sign was originally on top of a Pepsi bottling plant and luckily was preserved when they took down the plant in 1999.

Just so there would be no mistaking where opendoors allegiances were, chef-owner-operator Nick Guitart designed and built a 25-foot long replica of the Pepsi sign--from the back! the LIC side! Nicks Pepsi sign is mounted on the wall in the middle eating section of the restaurant. The understated red neon glow of the sign warms the restaurant and customers love it! Many people come in because they have heard about Nicks great sign!

Nicks love of LIC and its history is underscored by several distinctive historical photos of the area donated by a long-time LIC resident who stopped in the restaurant while it was under construction and realized that Nick would treasure the photos. During construction, the door was always open and many neighbors stopped by to meet the new guy in the neighborhood and cheer him on.

The multi-talented Nick Guitart designed the overall look of the restaurant--the lighting/fixtures, seating areas and restaurant kitchen, and lovingly hand built many of the features.

Rich dark wood, copper accents, copper and glass lighting, and stained glass table lamps throughout the restaurant create a warm lively atmosphere. The space was previously used by a travel agency, so the entire restaurant was designed and built from the ground up!

Opendoor Restaurant - LIC Showcase | Opendoor Restaurant - LIC Menu Items Photo Gallery | View Nearby Area on OurLIC MAPS | Interior Gallery | Chef | History | Neighborhood Life | Photo Gallery |

Best Crabs!

Great seafood. Decor gives it a distinctive character. Boxing and sports theme.

The Waterfront Crab House is a fun friendly place with the finest seafood available anywhere and fresh fish specials everyday! This landmark building has been dubbed "The fish house known for its meat!" due to its outstanding USDA Prime Aged Steaks. We also offer a complete selection of homemade fresh pasta prepared with a true Italian flare.

So come down and join us for a good time & great food at The Waterfront Crab House with our unique collection of antiques and memorabilia within these historic walls!

The Waterfront Crabhouse Showcase | Menu Items Photo Gallery | View Nearby Area on OurLIC MAPS | Private Room Photo Gallery | Nightlife Photo Gallery | Interior Gallery | People Gallery | Staff | Special Photos | Chef | Scrapbook | Flyer | Guide News |

Elegant and Trendy!

Located along the East River, SHI Restaurant is elegantly appointed and a part of the very trendy Long Island City scene. It has an excellent view of the New York City Skyline directly across from the United Nations and Chrysler Building.

Importantly, the view is matched by flavorful food, prepared skillfully and presented beautifully. Menu items are creatively conceived and won the acclaim of the Michelin Guide as well as the Daily News.

There is discount parking on 5th St between 47th Road and Ave, on top of Duane Reade, or you can get their easily by taking the 7, G, or E, M, R subway.

SHI Restaurant Showcase | Menu Items Photo Gallery | View Nearby Area on OurLIC MAPS | Interior Gallery |

World Class Restaurant. LIVE Piano Entertainment!

Ponticello is a classic, New York City restaurant.

Ponticello Ristorante - Broadway in Astoria Showcase | Menu Items Photo Gallery | View Nearby Area on OurLIC MAPS | Interior Gallery | Neighborhood Life |

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El Pote Espanol, Manhattan, New York

El Pote Espanol

Chef Jose Larino prepares "Fideguoa El Pote".

El Pote Restuarant, NYC specializes in presenting you with comprehensive profiles of Restaurants, Hotels, Tours, Nightlife, Events, Attractions, Galleries, and support services in cities worldwide.

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